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Good Day Mr. Meyer,

I am very pleased that I have decided to make use of your "086" number for my business.

It has many advantages and though we have only had the number allocated to our land line number for a short while, we have found an increase in enquiries from our sources of advertising where the "086" number is advertised. We have also made use of this number as our primary contact number from our website and are receiving calls from all over the country.

Soon we will have our National TV advertisement on air and we know that the number will be easier for viewers to remember. We will let you know how this goes.

Thank you once again! 5Chili

Hercules J Viljoen
Blue Key Consult P-KOSH
Tel: 018-468-8846
Fax: 018-468-8847
Fax to email: 086- 516- 8323